About Juf Paula

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I am Paula Stofregen. I’ve been doing creative things ever since I was little. I crochet, knit, sew, do needlepoint, origami, make dolls etc. If you were to ask me “What would you like to be when you grow up?” the answer would invariably be “Arts and Crafts teacher”.

Back then the advice was either Art Academy or school teacher. I didn’t feel like teaching all the subjects, so Art Academy it was. As it turned out, Art Academy was too vague a program for me so I quit at the end of the first year. After that I went to go find a job and think about what else I wanted to do. I’m also very good at organizing so I chose to study to be a Management Assistant and worked as one for nearly 10 years. In my spare time I’ve always kept doing creative things. Eventually being a management assistant got to be too easy and after some deliberation I decided to become a teacher after all and successfully completed the PABO in evening school. After that I thought middle school for a few years.

I think it’s very important to teach all kids at their own level and speed so they can maximize their learning. As teacher in a classroom I’ve found that to be nearly impossible. You never have enough time to pay each kid the appropriate level of attention. That’s why, among other things, I’ve decided to start Juf Paula.

Starting June 17th 2013 I’m tutoring kids at Math, giving Dutch language lessons to both kids and adults and teaching both kids and adults crochet, knitting and sewing. I teach either privately or in small groups (max. 5 persons). That way I have time enough to teach each student at their own level and speed.

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