Terms for Ordering goods


You can order an item by sending an email to Paula@JufPaula.nl. When you place an order, you implicitly accept all terms and conditions, including the general conditions.


All prices are including VAT, excluding shipping


Upon placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the total costs including shipping as soon as possible. After receiving this email, you have 10 days to transfer the amount. In case payment has not been received within 10 days after the confirmation email, Juf Paula reserves the right to cancel your order.


Juf Paula aims to ship items as soon as possible, after receiving payment. Juf Paula ensures that your order is appropriately packaged. From the moment of shipping, Juf Paula depends on the shipping company (DHL or PostNL) for appropriate execution of the transport and delivery of the package. Juf Paula is in no way liable in case these shipping companies do not meet your expectation. She will assist in trying to locate lost shipments and claiming damages with the shipping companies. If you so desire, you can indicate in your order that the item needs to be shipped trough registered mail.

Shipping costs

Items that fit trough the letter box: your items will be weighed and shipped according to the current shipping rates at PostNL.

Most of the items that can be ordered at Juf Paula will not fit in the standard letter box. As a result Juf Paula uses DHL, Kiala or PostNL as shipping companies and your item(s) will be shipped according to current rates at either DHL, Kiala or PostNL.

When placing an order, please indicate your preferred shipping method. In case no preference is indicated, Juf Paula will use the cheapest method of sending. If so desired, you can also pick up your item at Juf Paula’s adress. Since Juf Paula does not have any means to accept electronic payments (e.g. PIN or Credit Card), please make sure that you have wired the money beforehand or bring exact change.


Although Juf Paula creates every item with a lot of Tender Love & Care, all items are sold without any warranty. Juf Paula is not liable for reimbursement on any faulty product. In case you are not satisfied with the product in any way, please contact Juf Paula through Paula@JufPaula.nl. There may be opportunities to repair damaged products.

Return Policy

Items cannot be returned. When you place an order, you accept these terms and conditions.


Juf Paula is not liable in any way for injuries and/or damage to which her products have contributed. Juf Paula sells articles that can be dangerous for infants and small children. The Amigurumi figures and other items are created with safety eyes and noses that are not fully reliable. Juf Paula cannot be held accountable for any mishap with the use of her products. Juf Paula is not accountable for payments that do not arrive at her bank account. Consult your own bank for this. If required, your bank can establish what has happened with your payment. Juf Paula is not accountable for any errors on the website related to shipping costs, incorrect statements, etc. In case something is not to your satisfaction, please contact Juf Paula through Paula@JufPaula.nl


Any information you provide to Juf Paula will only be used to process your order and potentially for sending a news letter. In case you do not wish to receive a news letter, please inform Juf Paula of that. This will ensure that your details are taken out of the news letter mailing list.


Juf Paula owns the copyright on all media and texts on this website. You are prohibited from copying the content in any way without written approval from Juf Paula.

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