General Conditions

Terms and conditions for art lessons,  math and language  tutoring

Content of the lessons

The content of the lessons of Juf Paula mainly follow a pre-set curriculum. (especially the beginners classes) Changes or customization of the curriculum will be determined in consultation with the client/student. Upon reaching an agreement Juf Paula will send you confirmation of the discussed terms via email. Upon confirmation these terms and conditions automatically apply. After confirmation, the number of lessons discussed is fixed, the content can be adapted if necessary via consultation. Expanding the number of classes is possible and will be reconfirmed via email. Upon reconfirmation these terms and conditions automatically apply. Additional provision regarding math tutoring: based on the diagnostic test and intake, Juf Paula will make a customized plan to suit the client / student, in which she will determine the content and number of lessons. The terms of the Math tutoring plan will be also be communicated via email, and upon confirmation the terms and conditions shall automatically apply.

Liability relating to the content

Juf Paula will do her level best to make progress with the student. The means by which she will do so are discussed with the customer/student during the intake. However, she cannot guarantee the progress of the pupil. Juf Paula is also not liable for damages caused by her classes or products made or used during classes.

Liability relating to the use of materials and equipment

During the lessons you may use materials and equipment owned by Juf Paula. Reasonable care is required when using supplied materials and machinery. You will be held liable for damages caused by you to the materials or machinery owned by Juf Paula. You are responsible for damage to materials or machinery you bring along with you.


All prices Juf Paula are in Euros and include VAT. The invoice will contain a summary of which classes are taught, how many lessons and the total price. Any materials bought during classes will also be mentioned on the invoice. Juf Paula cannot be held responsible for errors in prices, rates, wrong indications and such on her website.


The first lessons with Juf Paula must be paid in advance or at the start of the first class, made in exact change. Due to the high cost Pin-payment, Juf Paula does not offer this service. For subsequent lessons you can request payment upon invoice.  All invoices must be paid within 14 days. If you default on payment you will receive 1 reminder. If you still default on payment after that, Juf Paula has the right to cancel further lessens for as long as payment is not made. Juf Paula also reserves the right to hire a collection agency. Any costs relating to the use of a collection agency will be recovered from you. Juf Paula is not liable for payment not arriving correctly to her account. Please contact your bank. They can check why payment did not come through.

Cancellation of classes

Your lessons with Juf Paula can be cancelled, for valid reasons, up to 48 hours prior to the appointment. Juf Paula reserves the right to decide what reasons she finds compelling enough for cancellation. Lessons cancelled within 48 hours before the appointment shall be paid in full. In principle you are allowed to reschedule lessons up to 48 hours prior to your appointment without extra charge. Rescheduling within 48 hours before the appointment is no longer possible.
Juf Paula reserves the right to reschedule or cancel lessons without explanation. She will however do her level best to inform you well ahead of time and if possible schedule a new lesson.  She is however not liable if it proves impossible to contact you in advance.


All personal information you provide will be treated confidentially by Juf Paula and will not be given to third parties, unless you yourself make such a request.

Copyright / Copyright

All images and text on the website of Juf Paula is copyrighted. Use of these in whatever form, is not permitted without written permission of Juf Paula.

Complaints and questions

If you have any complaints and / or questions about the services of Juf Paula she requests you to make them privately. You can do so personally during classes, by telephone, or via e-mail She will do her level best to solve your complaint to everyone’s satisfaction. Juf Paula operates under the motto: Dissatisfied? Tell me. Satisfied? Tell others.

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