Dutch Language lessons

Private Lessons in the Dutch Language wil be given by me, Juf Paula, a certified Dutch Elementary, Middle and High school teacher.
I can teach both adults and kids.

My standerd package starts off with a intake. Based on that, I will create a teaching plan specific to you or your child. As soon as you OK the plan, lessons can start. Normally lessons are once a week, but more often is also possible. Lessons for children take place after school hours, lessons for adults can also take place during school hours.


My intake consists of a talk with you and/or your child. We discuss what your goals are in learning the Dutch language. Do you for instance just wish to learn to be able to go out shopping and talk to people in Dutch or do you wish to learn the language top to bottom, or anything in between. Based on this intake I will make a teaching plan.


Each lesson will be tailored to you or your child, based on the aforementioned teaching plan. In the lessons I will use Dutch reading books and specific books to teach language. You or Your child will get homework to do after each lesson, depending on the content of the lesson. I will assume you make sure the homework gets done before the next lesson. The next lesson we will check the homework, eleborate on it if necessary and continue the subject at hand or start a new one.

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